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Range of Products


Peaches Italy, Spain, Greece
Plums Spain, Italy, South Africa, Chile
Nectarines Italy, Spain, Greece
Apricots Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary
Oranges Spain, Greece, South Africa, Uruguay, Italy, Turkey
Mandarines Spain, Italy, South Africa, Argentina
Lemons Spain, Italy, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay
Grapefruit red Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Argentina
Grapefruit white Turkey, Spain, South Africa, Argentina
Pomel China
Sweetie Israel
Limes Mexico, Brazil
White grapes seedless Italy, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Chile, Brazil
White grapes loose Italy, Greece, South Africa, Argentina, Chile
Red grapes seedless Italy, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, Chile
Red grapes loose Italy, Brazil, Chile, South Africa
Kiwi Italy, Greece, Chile, New Zealand
Pears Netherlands, South Africa, Chile
Plums - domestic Hungary, Poland, Czech Rep.
Oranges red Italy
Pommegranates Turkey, Spain
Mandarines pitufo Italy, Spain, Morocco
Nashi pears China
White grapes sultanina Turkey


Cucumbers Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria
Tomatoes loose Spain, Morocco, Poland, Netherlands
Tomatoes cherry 250g Spain, Morocco, Italy, Tunis, Netherlands
Tomatoes cherry 500g Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Tunis
Tomatoes baby plum 200g Spain, Morocco, Tunis
Red peppers Spain, Israel, Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco
White peppers Turkey, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Hungary, Czech Rep.
Yellow peppers Spain, Israel, Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco
Orange peppers Israel, Spain, Netherlands
Watermelons Italy, Greece, Spain, Macedonia, Turkey, Bulgaria
Cauli ower France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech. Rep.,Netherlands, Great Britain
Kohlrabi Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Czech Rep.
Red radishes Italy, Germany, Czech Rep.
Onions Netherlands, Germany, Czech Rep.
Iceberg lettuce Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Poland
Spring onion Italy, Germany, Czech Rep
Broccoli Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Czech Rep.
Carrots bunch Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Rep.
China cabbage Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary
Garlic Spain, China, Hungary
Green peppers Spain, Morocco, Netherlands
Leek Belgium, Netherlands, France


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