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Globally, we import a wide assortment of fruit and vegetables. We also support homeland growers´ production and we offer local (fruit and vegetable growing) products to our customers. Our clients are satisfied and are ensured a complete assortment throughout the majority of the year.

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About us

EFES, Co. ltd, has focused on import, export and distribution of fruit and vegetables since 1991. Currently, the company ranks among the biggest importing businesses in the Czech Republic. Our clients are both wholesale dealers and retail chains. We are able to adjust the quality of the imported goods for the requirements of our clients. We provide a complete assortment of fruit and vegetables for our clients and guarantee all year-long supplies.
Distribution of our goods is delivered by our own vehicles. The goods are stored and handled at our warehouse with high standards.


EFES, Co. ltd has its registered head office and central warehouse in Praha 5-Řepory. In 2003, we founded a branch in Pardubice.

Quality assurance / Certification

In January 2003, a decision has been adopted to implement, maintain and certify a quality management system in accordance with the Czech standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001, ed. 2 to enable the company, EFES, Co. ltd, to meet all the requirements of its customers at a high quality level.
In December 2003, the company has successfully completed the period of the quality management system implementation in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001. Our efforts to continuously increase the quality of any processes in respect to services in the field of purchase, storing and wholesale of fruit and vegetables has been acknowledged by obtaining the Quality Certificate. In December 2006, a certification audit on the basis of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 was successfully performed and again we received the Quality Certificate for another three years.
Since 2008, we are the holders of the BRC and IFS Certificates, which guarantee great care for goods according to the strictest European standards.

Charitable activity

EFES supports non-profit institutions that help disadvantaged children.
We also participate in a program supporting healthy eating habits of children called "Fruit Goes to School". We have financed the construction of a playground for children and local road projects in Praha 5-Řeporyje.

Green approach

We do our best to reduce carbon tracks from our business. We are environmentally friendly; therefore, we have minimized our energy consumption by installing solar panels at our registered office in Praha 5.
We also press all the boxes and cardboards to lower the volume of waste produced by us.


We provide optimum conditions for all our products to achieve the best quality.



We supply and deliver fruits and vegetables at any time to any place. 24/7 service.


Individual packing

All products are custom-packed to customers specifications.



Your order will be delivered directly to you.



Quality of our products complies with the international standards.